You will hunt big Red deer at The Call O’ the Wild hunting outfit. We are situated in New Zealand’s Volcanic Central Plateau, where the earth is ever active, with steaming hot pools and plumes of steam wisping from the ground and Volcanoes stand tall and mighty.

Not far from one of New Zealand’s prominent Trout fishing hotspots of Lake Taupo and Snowboarding at Tongariro National Park, where the dominant mountains create an idyllic backdrop to our hunting outfit.

You will awaken to the peaceful sounds of New Zealand’s magnificent array of wildlife, from Bird songs to the humming of insects and in the background you may even hear the bellowing roar of a Red stag echo through the valleys.  This will gear you up for the start of an exciting day of hunting.


To familiarize yourself with Call O’ the Wild we welcome you to view all our pages, explore our Hunting Photos, and read about Other Hunters’ experiences.  We welcome your email enquiries.  View our recently updated Hunting Photo gallery.

This hunting trip is not for the faint hearted. The hunting ranch spreads over 2500 acres and you will require a good level of fitness prior to arriving. Each day is an adventure as you hunt, stalk and pursue your trophy animal. We have big deer and wild game for you to hunt. All Deer have been bred on our ranch through our intensive genetic programme.

You will be impressed!!


You will be met with by our fine and highly experienced hunting guides who will make your hunt more rewarding.  Each of our guides know the landscape and all of its amenities, like the back of their hands, they are highly skilled hunters themselves.  They can offer the right advice and guidance, as they lead you through the thicket of trees and bushes, down meandering valleys, always on the look out for the best selection of deer they can offer you. They will also be able to willingly answer any questions you may have about New Zealand and its prestigious reputation.  Be fit and be ready, we’ve got some big game to hunt here!

Professional Hunting Guide

Luke Green, has over 10 years of international hunting experience. 
He has hunted several states of America and self guided in Cameroon, West Africa. 
Luke has been with Call O’ the Wild since its beginning in 2001. 

Designed with his late father, Ross Green, a worldwide Big Game Trophy Hunter, Call O’ the Wild delivers the ultimate hunting experience that all can enjoy and afford.

Look out for Luke guiding Brice Folden of Wild TV in upcoming episodes airing on the Edge and the Sportman Channel in April 2013. 

Professional Hunting Guide

Pete Livesey shares a life long passion for hunting with over 20 years experience.
He has hunted and guided in the USA, Canada and Australia and has excellent field knowledge as he comes from a long line of hunting heritage.

 Pete was a professional taxidermist with international recognition for 25 years and is highly regarded in his trade.  He is very much looking forward to guiding you at Call 'O' the Wild.


Providing Admin support and answering booking enquiries will be either Megan or Lizy.

Megan Green is Luke’s sister, she has been on safari with her father in Cameroon, Africa.  Prior to being at Call O’ the Wild, Megan worked in Tourism for 11 years. 


Both Megan and Lizy are here to help you, and whatever you need to know – please ask!  They will be happy to help you with any enquiries you may have, whether it’s Call O’ the Wild questions, or other questions, as you may want suggestions for Airlines to travel, other places to visit and things to do in New Zealand.  Whatever you need to know we will find out for you.